This is actually quite funny!

In a glaring rejection of Islamic State’s perverted vision of Islam, Muslims around the world have been mocking its call to arms with a barrage of hilarious comments since the terror group urged believers to “urgently” join the so-called “caliphate.”

In an audio message allegedly recorded by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed “caliph” of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), the terror leader spent some 24-minutes trying to convince its members that the group is feeling “better than ever” under increasing pressure from Russia and US-led airstrikes.

Constant bombings and a fire storm from above has only “toughened” the organization and helped cleanse it of those unworthy, he claimed. However, apparently suffering severe human resource losses, he called upon Muslims around the globe to “urgently” join the terror group’s cause and become new recruits.

Quite predictably, it turned out that Muslims across the globe have many more exciting and urgent things to do. Rejecting the message IS has been attempting to spread and demonstrating that an overwhelming majority of Muslims follow Islam peacefully, hundreds laughed at Baghdadi’s message on social media.

An Emirati activist, Iyad el-Baghdadi, ironically also bearing the notorious name, received hundreds of funny and sarcastic responses after translating the terror group’s plea.

Some cited travel restrictions and busy airports during the holiday season as reasons they couldn’t leave for Syria or Iraq right away.

Others said that joining a group of lunatics was a low priority for them compared to watching TV series on Netflix or going to the movies to check out the new episode of Star Wars.

Reluctance to miss football matches or watch the UEFA Champions League final were other popular reasons to pass on the invitation.

Some people wondered if IS could help them sort out urgent tasks first.

Authoritarian parents and college classes were also among the obstacles preventing potential recruits from rushing to join the “murderous psychopaths.”

A sink full of unwashed dishes and taking a pet to a vet, along with other small chores and errands, forced others to take a rain check and wonder if the offer would still be valid “next week.”