I’ve been following Jonna’s YouTube video posts for a while now. She lives in a breathtakingly beautiful remote area of Sweden with her partner Johan. They have chosen to live here because it is where her ancestors used to live and she wanted to reconnect with her roots. They bask in the beauty of the nature here and support themselves from their creative expression. She paints and photographs her world there. Johan is a silversmith.

Johana just made the video below to share that she has heard some very sad news. A large power company in Sweden is going to install 200+ wind turbines right next to where they live in this pristine wilderness area. The wind turbines will be 210 meters (689 feet) tall. They will also be connected by over 100km of roads pushed through this wilderness area.
This is such sad news.

Press the button below to take you to a petition that has been started to help collect names that are against the building of this gigantic industry here.

Jonna Jinton, a Swedish blogger who left her life in the city to the beautiful landscape of Grundtjarn in north Sweden is now under threat of having to move away from where her family have lived for generations due to the possible building of over 200 wind turbines which are 210 metres high! (taller than the highest building in Sweden). Everyone in this beautiful village will be forced to leave their homes and lives because this ancient landscape is about to be ruined just so Germany can have more energy. The indigenous Sami people who have brought their reindeer here every winter for hundreds of years will have to stop their tradition, even the vast forest surrounding this area will be filled with large roads. Why ruin such a rare and magical place when they could be built elsewhere where the landscape has already been destroyed due to urbanisation? They will not stop once they've built these turbines. How long before the rest of the stunning landscape Sweden is famous for is destroyed by companies just trying to make money.

In this video above I jumped forward to 14:52 where Jonna starts to describe the impact of the wind farm.