LiquidPiston, developer of advanced fuel-efficient ultra-compact rotary internal combustion engine technology, has installed its 70cc X-mini engine on a racing kart.
This marks the first time the engine has been integrated and run in an application, outside of the lab. The engine is air cooled and controlled by an automotive grade ECU offering easy tuning for development.

The original engine on the kart weighed 40 pounds, producing up to 6.5 HP. The new X-Mini engine (core) weighs 4 pounds, and currently produces 3 hp at 10,000 RPM, and is expected to produce up to 5 hp at up to 15,000 RPM when development is completed.

The X-mini engine can be configured to be used in drones, generators, mopeds/bikes/small vehicles, chainsaws, etc. The technology is inherently scalable, and can operate on a variety of fuels including kerosene / JP-8.