Muslim woman removed from Trump rally after silently protesting

A Muslim woman who stood in silent protest at a rally for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was removed from the event Friday night in Rock Hill, South Carolina,CNN reported.

The woman, who identified herself to CNN as 56-year-old Rose Hamid, stood up in a section of seats just behind Trump wearing a hijab, a shirt that said "Salam, I come in peace," and a Star of David that looked like the symbol Jews were forced to sew onto their clothing during the Holocaust.

While she was escorted out, Trump supporters in the arena where the rally was held yelled at her to "get out." Hamid also told CNN that one supporter screamed "You have a bomb, you have a bomb."

Unlike other Trump protesters — which have become a fixture at his packed campaign events — Hamid did not yell or disrupt Trump's speech.

She told CNN she came to the event to show Trump supporters a peaceful image of a Muslim person, rather than the terrorists and militants portrayed on TV.

"This demonstrates how when you start dehumanizing the other it can turn people into very hateful, ugly people," Hamid told CNN. "It needs to be known."