Freighter travel averages about EURO 100 per person per day, double or single. The fare is determined by the duration of the voyage (number of days on board) and includes all meals, taken in the officer's mess. Most accommodations are outside, en suite, often with separate sitting and sleeping areas. There is normally a TV/video room, washers/dryers; some have swimming pools, saunas, and even fitness rooms. Most freighters are equipped to carry from 5-7 passengers.

For non US or Canadian Citizens full US Visa B1/B2 type are required as cargo vessels are not included in the visa waiver program.

There are age limits, as there is no doctor on board. For Children this is usually 3/11 years and for Senior Citizens 79. Medical certificates are expected from most companies. Since this is a 'working' ship there are no facilities for handicapped citizens (walking sticks or crutches for example are not allowed) .

Freighter travel is excellent for those that do not wish to fly. It is also a very flexible form of travel, due to the nature of the business, the main focus being on the cargo and not the passenger. Dates of departure and arrival are stated as "on or about" as there could be changes due to cargo being loaded and unloaded.

Schedules are not printed as changes and delays are possible at any time and on short notice. Delays are normally known approx. 5/10 days prior to boarding. We kindly advise passengers to get in touch with the port agent in the port of embarkation for particulars on estimated time of arrival and departure and good time for boarding. Contact details for the agent will be provided closer to departure with the ticket via Internet as an email attachment or alternatively by fax for those who have no Internet access.

Note that there is no Internet on board and e-mail is reserved for ship's business, but in the words of one of our customers, "being offline is liberating in many ways."