Subjects taken at St. Christopher's School, Letchworth, Hertforshire, England in 1963. Age: 11

Hi guid folks.
More nostalgics.
Our Reading University Whitenights Park caravan site, winter 1956.

Taking out the 6-cylinder 25Hp engine+clutch+gearbox from my 1935 grand big Wolseley Saloon car [  1935–1937 Wolseley Super Six  25HP ] which Harry & I bought for £150 from a garage on the North Circular in October 1955.
The Clutch Plate failed when Margi and Christopher and I were once driving back to Reading from Liverpool crossing The Wrekin Hill (why on ever ?)  in Shropshire (near to where great-great-grandad William Amson was born in 1821) and I had to nurse the car back at 20mph all the rest of the way home . . .
I actually managed to buy a new Clutch-Plate complete with 35 cork-discs ("we 'ave six of 'em left on the shelf sir") from Wolseley Cars

We rented scaffolding poles, and an endless chain pulley [   ] to erect our own Crane+Shelter.
And also set-up our own out-doors heating Stove+pipe, raided from one of the old Huts between our caravan and where Tamsin's caravan 'CORPUSCLE' landed up.

Completely dismantled the whole engine-thing inside one of the huts and cleaned and rebuilt the whole engine plus new clutch and spare parts from a 2nd-hand car dealer the other side of Reading, and painted the lot green silver and orange as a work of art.  Reassembled the entire car (but left the Engine Bonnet off for weeks just for the fun of seeing the new colourful glory all exposed to view !  Margi's engineer-brother John visited us from Yorkshire the very weekend we had finished the work, and he fine-tuned it and set the spark gaps etc., and the bloody thing fired up just fine on the sixth manual swing : bloody amazing !

This same Wolseley car, AAM975 once belonged to Sir Anthony Nutting (Minister for War, Suez Crisis and all that,  
Our old police bobby on the beat was chatting one day outside the caravan, and he said in his broad Zummerset accent : " AAM 975, naww, Oi remember thaaat car, he b'long'd to Sur Hantony Nuttin' he did".
Found some faded blueprints, faded, for a gun-sight, stamped SECRET, at the bottom of the leather pocket inside the driver's door.

It was also the car in which I taught Tam to drive with the old L plates up :  with intriguing life-changing results. 
She accidentally bounced off a bridge-side in St Austell, Cornwall, and the bumper fell off. So we immediately had it welded back on in a local garage, and as I was watching the electric welding, I suddenly made up my mind and decided that YES, I WOULD accept the job-offer to be a Mathematician at the British Welding Research Association [BWRA] , in Abington Hall, Cambridgeshire.  And the rest is history. 

One of the pics is of C and H inside one end of our "MODULOR' Caravan : brings back the old memories . . .  Attic Boxes have their own delights & dangers !
The prints are beginning to fade, but I have the 35mm negs somewhere.

Much love,  J  xxxxx